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Qingdao Q and X Hot Spring Resort profile

2019/6/12 23:38:15
Qingdao Q and X Hot Spring Resort is located at No.378 Laiqing Road, Hotspring Town, Jimo, Qingdao, China. Opened at 2010, Qingdao Q and X Hot Spring Resort features 100 rooms with best service.
Qingdao Q and X Hot Spring Resort houses a variety of rooms, suites and hot spring villas. The on-site banquet hall serves a bunch of tasty dishes for you to try out. Business travelers may convene meetings in its functional hall and then relax in the spa center.

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Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Changsha traffic info

Business zone:Xingsha Economic Development Zone
Address:Hunan · Changsha · xingshajingjijishukaifaqu - No.325 Xingsha Avenue, Xingsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Changsha County 410100 China