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Green Lake Hot Spring Hotel profile

2019/4/16 19:52:28
Green Lake Hot Spring Hotel is an enterprise exclusively invested by Foshan Green Lake Industrial Development Co.,Ltd. Located in the national AAAA-grade scenic spot-Sanshui Forest Park in Foshan, Guangdong, Green Lake Hot Spring Hotel is surrounded by lush green mountains, brimming with the Califonia style charm. Constructed according to the five-star standard, it is a conference resort with unique style in Foshan.
Green Lake Hot Spring Hotel is adjacent to the crocodile lake, Sanshui Coach Station, Guangzhou-Sanshui Highway. Situated in an ideal location, it takes only 45 minutes' drive to reach Chancheng Foshan, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airpot and Guangzhou South Railway Station.
The hot spring water in Green Lake Hot Spring Hotel, was exploited by an authoritative exploration team from the Chinese Geological Sciences Academy. The hot spring water was tested to meet also the potable minteral water standard, with the strontium, lithium, metasilicic acid concentration conforming to the indicators of both potable natural hot spring and potable mineral water! Not only can it be used for physical therapy, bathing, but also for drinking, promising health and longevity.

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Country Garden Phoenix Hotel Changsha traffic info

Business zone:Xingsha Economic Development Zone
Address:Hunan · Changsha · xingshajingjijishukaifaqu - No.325 Xingsha Avenue, Xingsha Economic and Technological Development Zone Changsha County 410100 China